Giochemica, leading italian company in the disinfection and antisepsis field

Giochemica s.r.l. is located in via Chiarelle, 35 in Monteforte d’Alpone (Verona). It is proposed as a new business company, dedicated to research, development, production, control and marketing of disinfectants, antiseptics, detergents, sanitizers and cosmetics, intended for the social and health field and in particular for the Hospital, Dental and Welfare sector (Extended care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, school environments and sports centers etc.).
The pioneering idea that led to the foundation of this company, is developing an increasingly knowledge, to set a competitive and innovative reality in terms of new products, new manufacturing technologies and corporate structure. One of the objectives set is to design and organise the different business processes efficiently and high-tech, in order to face the new needs of competitiveness, while ensuring the quality of the product and the service provided to the customer in accordance with the mandatory rules.

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